I received my first Christmas present today- a beautifully wrapped gift from Emirates with a certification of appreciation. Actually it says appreciation for a task I did for them last summer, that I had completely  forgotten about. The gift is wrapped in ribbon and tooo interesting looking but isn’t getting opened before Christmas day.

It doesn’t matter what is inside because I’m delighted with it. It made me wonder how often we communicate appreciation at work. It doesn’t have to be something wrapped in paper and ribbons because a gesture of appreciation makes the task feel worthwhile and in our busy lives do we take for granted all those things others do for us?

This very unexpected gift has made me remember the power of appreciation and the value of a few thank-you’s I ought to be saying.


Help from Mary Washington University, Virginia

20161117_104302_resized                                                            Martha Burtis and Jesse Stommel

Today we met Martha and Jesse from Mary Washington University and they helped get domains set up and discussed their own online presence. ( I will be following We are working out what domains might be used for and  starting to link all Aviation Management student domains though here so that we can watch each other develop our space and hopefully pick up tips. Today certainly made me think about what my own online presence means and how taking control of it makes me decide what others see in a quick search of my name.  One simple thing sticks out for me, you meet someone briefly and find their web place and then you have a web connection and can follow along their online story which feels nice. Through domains staff and students will see a different side to each other and communicate in a different way.



20161117_104002_resized             20161117_103509_resized



A Domain of One’s Own


In  September 2016 I was lucky enough to meet Jim Groom from Reclaim Hosting who was at Coventry University launching a Pilot scheme of an innovative idea to bring web domains to academics and students – “A domain of One’s own” project aims to get staff and students to have a web space of their own to be able to design, create, control and influence their own online presence.

My students on 198EM were chosen to be a pilot group and are all working to develop their own online presence as part of this project – the first in a UK University.

Watch this space – Literally!